10 Shows You Should Be Watching On Netflix

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I don’t think I’ve ever spent this much time watching Netflix as I have in the past year, but I am so thankful that it is available. My days are filled with working on my blog (you can start your own blog with our 5-Day Free Course) with Netflix on in the background. If there were degrees available for Netflix knowledge, at this point I would have earned a PhD. With this knowledge, I am happy to share some of my favorite shows on Netflix.

These are the shows that are available only on Netflix and it is updated for 2021 binge-watching. There are a lot of movies and other series that I have loved on Netflix lately, but they are either no longer available, or not original to Netflix.

Here are 10 shows you should be watching on Netflix:

1. Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer- I grew up in Orange County, Ca. in the 1980’s so The Night Stalker was something I vividly remember. Watching this was both fascinating and horrifying, especially as a parent.

2. Emily in Paris- This was great for mindless watching. That is not to say that the acting isn’t great and that it isn’t super fun… it just isn’t a show that you will have a dramatic effect on your life the way other ones might. If you want something to unwind to and just sit back and enjoy- this is it.

3. Stranger Things- 80’s sci-fi entertainment at its best! I denied myself this for so long. SO LONG. I thought it was going to be super cheesy and when I tried to watch it when it was first released, I couldn’t get through the first episode. The truth is, it was actually painful to watch because I was seeing it through the eyes of a mother. I revisited it again recently and watched all of the episodes that have been released in just a matter of days and I can’t wait for the next season!

4. Mindhunter- Set in the 1970s, two FBI agents jump into the psychology of murder and get intimately acquainted with murderers. This had me on the edge of my seat for both seasons and I am still hoping another one is coming soon!

5. DASH & LILY- This adorable series is definitely geared for the younger crowd, think teens and young adults, but it was a sweet little series worth watching for all age groups. It is set at Christmas time in NYC, but don’t let that stop you from watching it year-round!

6. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life- This is a special inclusion because it is an add-on to an original series. If you haven’t seen Gilmore Girls, then be sure to watch that first and then jump right into this one!

7. Sweet Magnolias- Set in the southern town of Serenity, you will feel right at home amongst this group of family and friends sharing all the ups and downs of life.

8. Lucifer- Hear me out on this one because it is not like my other recommendations on this list. Lucifer is funny, witty, and a bit dark-ish at times. But really entertaining!

9. Travelers- A sci-fi mind-trip about humanity and saving the world. Enough said.

10. Schitt’s Creek- This might be one of my all-time favorite series ever. I actually tried watching it multiple times over many years, but I just couldn’t get into it so I never got past the first episode. I finally made myself watch episode two and that was that… I couldn’t stop. With each passing minute, I fell more in love with the Rose Family and everyone else in Schitt’s Creek.

Just added! Here are 10 more of the best shows on Netflix.

This post has been updated from its original publishing in 2014.

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10 Shows on Netflix


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