Exploring Zanzibar… sea, sand and spices

The name Zanzibar evokes images of a tropical paradise, with picturesque islands, white sand beaches, shimmering turquoise waters, beautiful sunsets, and palm trees swaying in the ocean breeze. Indeed the island is all that, but it’s also more. Zanzibar is a mix of cultures. The ‘Spice Island’ has lured travelers for centuries; from the Sumerians, … Read more

Best Travel Snacks for Toddlers

As parents we know that having snacks with us at all times is a must! When traveling with toddlers or flying with toddlers, the last thing we need is toddlers who are unhappy and hungry! We’ve included all the best travel snacks for toddlers that worked well for our family. We’ve also shared some of … Read more

TravelCon Update: New Speakers, Sponsors, Workshops, and More!

Posted: 3/10/22 | March 10th, 2022 In less than two months, our big travel conference, TravelCon, kicks off! TravelCon is a three-day conference that will connect media with industry leaders, influencers, and celebrated writers through keynote speeches, small-group writing and photography workshops, breakout tutorial sessions, networking events, and industry panels. So, if you’re in the … Read more

The Best Toddler and Baby Travel Hacks

There’s a lot to think about when traveling with a baby or toddler, but if there’s one thing I know for certain it’s that parents are an extremely resourceful bunch! I have no doubt that this list of the best toddler and baby travel hacks will have convince you of the same. We parents have … Read more

6 Best Destinations For An American Vacation

When it comes to travel destinations, nothing beats the amount of wonder, exquisiteness, and variety the United States of America has to offer. It is, as quoted by Woodie Guthrie, a land for everyone. Traveling across its humungous landscape cannot only make you appreciate your country’s wanderlust but also offer you a break from the … Read more

22 of The Best Things to do in Venice, Italy

Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and no trip to Italy would be complete without visiting the city of love. It is unspoiled by modern life and has been a hub for artists, sculptors, musicians, and poets for centuries. Stomping grounds of writer and lover Casanova, Venice delights all lovers of … Read more